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Version 1.12.2
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Country United Kingdom
Types MCMMOSurvivalPvP

Welcome to KIMCHI!

Kimchi server's all about the community filled with friendly players who enjoy MCMMO and survival aspects of minecraft, based in the UK.

It's a free to play survival server with the ability to sell and buy items at shops scattered across the continent. You will find hidden treasures, traps and amazing man-made non-pvp gatherings along the way with an amazing seed providing you with a glimpse of what extreme biomes look like. The server is progressive with new treaures, mazes and puzzles built every week by the staff.

It will always be free to play, but if you would like to give a helping hand and support the staff, we offer a donation platform at where you can donate and receive loots such as the ability to have pets, a kickstart to your money and also help improve server hardware in the long run.

We have gathering places for players and non-pvp areas where rare items can be bought and sold, such as:

The Gathering Hub - also known as the spawn where players can relax and enjoy each other's company with jukebox tunes.
Grand Exchange - a floating mystic boat filled to the brim with items that you can buy or sell to make a living for yourself.
Crafty Cove - a pirate bay great for gathering, fishing and buying sea related products and dyes.
End's Mountain - a secret gathering place build within an active volcano selling the rarest of items that is only accessible by foot.